Snow Biking in Japan

cycling training on snow with road racing bikes with studded tires

Mt.Tokachidake (Mt.Tokachi) 151

Temperature: minus 25 degrees Celsius at the Tokachidake Hot Springs (Tokachidake Onsen).

It wasn’t so cold at low altitudes but the temperature at high altitudes was much lower than expected because of a depression situated on Kamchatka. The north wind was very strong above 1100m of altitude. The lubricating oil which has a pour point of minus 25 degrees Celsius was congealed. The oil inside the cable outer sheaths was congealed as well. The derailleurs were frozen and the front brake which works with cable became extremely heavy. Moreover, the battery of camera was dead because of this cold. He used some technics he had learnt during the Mikuni Pass 12 to resolve these problems. This day, he was surprised after the training seeing frozen underwear. He had never seen things like this.