Snow Biking in Japan

cycling training on snow with road racing bikes with studded tires

Mikuni Pass 12

Temperature: minus 28 degrees Celsius at the Mikuni Pass and minus 32 degrees Celsius in the katabatic valley.

A super-cold day. During the last training in a similar condition: Mikuni Pass 9, there were several problems due to the low temperature. This time he took measures to resolve those problems. He used this time a lubricating oil which has a lower pour point. But this didn’t prevent the mechanical systems from being blocked. So he fixed the rear derailleur to a versatile position and he changed the speed with the front derailleur which has a shorter cable outer sheath as he could barely control the front derailleur although the oil was congealed due to the cold. He warmed the battery of camera using his own body heat putting it in the jersey. So the camera was functioning with a normal parameters this day. This day, he was carrying two pairs of ski goggles and a pair of normal glasses. He used ski goggles with heating lenses on the climb. Its battery could hold just up to the summit. At the summit, he changed the ski goggles to the normal one. He did the interval training during the descent. He had to climb a small hill at the end of the training. He wore the normal glasses to climb this hill and he changed again to the normal ski goggles for the final descent.