Snow Biking in Japan

cycling training on snow with road racing bikes with studded tires

Mt.Tokachidake (Mt.Tokachi) 223

Temperature: minus 18 degrees Celsius at the Tokachidake Hot Springs (Tokachidake Onsen) and minus 25 degrees Celsius in the KTV (katabatic valley).

It was minus 24 degrees Celsius at the foot of the mountain (He missed opportunity to take picture of thermometer displaying this temperature). It was cold because of a radiative cooling. The road was covered with ice up to about 700m of altitude and above that, the road was covered with compacted snow. An inversion layer existed. It was very cold in the KTV (katabatic valley). He did an interval training near the summit. He talked with a group of French skiers at the summit. They asked him where he was from, why he speaks French so fluently and how he thinks about the snow of this year. He responded that there was snow at the usual level at this altitude but less snow than usual at the foot of the mountain. After talking with them, he resumed the interval training near the summit. A driver of a fixed-route bus greeted him waving and the driver of a truck scattering the snow-melting agent greeted him waving as well. After the interval training, he descended. As the condition of the compacted snow was good, he could ride at 60km/h in the corners and 70km/h in the straight.