Snow Biking in Japan

cycling training on snow with road racing bikes with studded tires

Mt.Tokachidake (Mt.Tokachi) 221

Temperature: minus 17 degrees Celsius at the Tokachidake Hot Springs (Tokachidake Onsen).

The seasonal wind was weakening. A depression was approaching to the south. The road was covered with well compacted snow and ice. He met a cyclist at the start point. They rode together for a while and he parted from him to continue his own training. Afterward he met him several time on the road during the training. After reaching the summit, he descended. He caught up a taxi but he didn’t pass. He took a road to the Fukiage Hot Springs. He met a French skier he knew at the bifurcation and saluted each other. After reaching the peak, he made a U-turn and descended. During the descent, he passed a Voxy. As the road condition was good, he could ride at faster then 70km/h in the straight and at 60km/h in the corners.