Snow Biking in Japan

cycling training on snow with road racing bikes with studded tires

Mikuni Pass 43

Temperature: minus 23 degrees Celsius in the KTV (katabatic valley) and minus 18 degrees Celsius at the Mikuni Pass

It was snowing and the seasonal north-west wind was strong at the start point. However, passing the first hill, the weather has changed. There was no trace of fresh snow on the road and it was fine. Therefore, the radiative cooling was strong there. He didn’t expect this. The wire of the front brake became heavy as the oil congealed. The road was covered with hard ice and there was a very thin layer of fresh snow on this. At 920m of altitude, he crossed the truck scattering the antiskid agent. They saluted each other. Climbing out of the bottom of the cold air lake, the wire of the front brake became normal as the air temperature had risen. After reaching the summit, he descended. In the middle of the descent, he did the interval training.