Snow Biking in Japan

cycling training on snow with road racing bikes with studded tires

Mikuni Pass 28

Temperature: minus 33 degrees Celsius in the KTV (katabatic valley) and minus 26 degrees Celsius at the Mikuni Pass

It was super-cold because of a radiative cooling. The content in the bottle was completely frozen few minutes after the start. He used a new lubricating oil which is more resistant to cold. It was a little better than the usual oil but completely congealed. He used ski goggles with heating lenses on the climb. The lenses didn’t get fogged but inside the goggles, rime was growing up. Grown rime was falling as if it were snowing inside the goggles. The rime inside the goggles was obstructing the view. The rear derailleur was completely frozen due to congealed oil and grease. The crystal liquid of the display was almost frozen. He did the interval training on the Kogen-Ohashi Bridge watching the Mt.Daisetsu (Mt.Taisetsu) lit by the morning sun. The diamond dust was continuously falling from the sky. Leaving the bottom of the cold air lake, the rear derailleur became barely fictional again. After reaching the summit, he did the interval training during the descent. Entering the cold air lake, the rear derailleur was completely frozen again. He was using a taillamp of LEZYNE since Kamifurano. It was perfectly functioning even in this cold. The taillamp of Knog he was using since long time was functioning well as well in this cold.