Snow Biking in Japan

cycling training on snow with road racing bikes with studded tires

Mikuni Pass 13

Temperature: minus 23 degrees Celsius at the Mikuni Pass.

The road was covered with well compacted snow but sometimes it was covered with snowdrifts. At the beginning of the training, he once heard the sound of frost crack. The clouds covering the mountains were dissipating. West wind was very strong and the content of the bottle frozen soon. The climbing in the backwind was without any problem but the descent in the headwind was difficult. The wind was so strong that it almost blew him off. Moreover, the low temperature and the strong wind made the lubricating oil almost congealed. He lost the control of the rear derailleur and the brakes became very heavy. But he could escape from the death zone before the oil completely congealed. He did the interval training during the descent.